The specialist in flexible natural stone materials

Naturamat is a company specializing in the supply of natural stone, concrete or rust veneers for the interior and exterior space markets.

Naturamat offers a very wide range of flexible veneers made of natural stone, concrete or rust in all their forms.

Our mastery of natural coverings allows us to respond to all your construction or restoration projects.

Naturamat collaborates directly with quarries and factories located all over the world in order to offer you quality at the best price.

Quick delivery

Naturamat is aware of today’s challenges and the real need to meet deadlines. Large-scale manufacturing capacity and advanced inventories allow us to ensure that the right quality is delivered at the right time. The guarantee of a reliable supply.

Guarantee of continuity

One of the most important challenges in the natural stone industry is to guarantee continuous supply and flawless quality for a long period of time. Thanks to its network of quarries, Naturamat has reserves of natural stones for several generations.

Natural stone has perpetual value

The exceptional strength, durability and natural beauty of stone have been recognized for centuries. This makes it one of the most suitable materials for use in landscaping and construction applications. Especially for areas where high scratch resistance and natural harmony are requirements. It is difficult to find a material that would be more durable and easier to maintain than natural stone. It is one of the most profitable materials. The aesthetic potential of natural stone combined with its versatility gives great creative possibilities.

Extended Service

Whether you are a professional, a community, or an individual, Naturamat offers you a wide range of high quality products, and/or will be able to offer you a personalized quote adapted to your needs.

Innovation is a source of differentiation. It is also the best way to ensure the sustainability of its activity. Naturamat adopts an approach of constant relationship between its customers and its suppliers in order to anticipate trends and always offer you more novelties.

Thanks to a culture of customer relations placed at the heart of the company, Naturamat strengthens the Customer / Transporter / Supplier link. Improving the services provided to customers is one of Naturamat’s commitments: listening, information and quality customer service.

Installed and recognized for many years, the quarries selected by Naturamat guarantee real follow-up of the range and products over time as well as a lasting after-sales service.

Faced with growing economic challenges and logistical difficulties, Naturamat, thanks to its expertise in the field of transport and its network of suppliers, demonstrates impeccable logistics, guaranteeing compliance with delivery times.

Naturamat has selected numerous industrial sites, strategically located in Europe and Asia. Each of these production units has a team dedicated to quality management. Naturamat’s partner sites have a wide range of manufacturing processes to meet all the demands of its customers.

Sustainable development is at the heart of Naturamat’s concerns. By offering natural products that meet the latest current European standards, Naturamat has the will to offer solutions in line with environmental responsibility while being financially advantageous.

Naturamat flexible natural stone veneer

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